Oooh. That sounded bad to me so I just manually ran:

sudo rm /bin/gunzip

Then downloaded the package and, presuming I used hardy not the version before (sorry that machine isn't here right now), ran:

dpkg install gzip_1.3.12-3.2ubuntu0.1_i386.deb

At least that's what I think I did. Either way, whatever I did didn't involve uninstalling gunzip correctly with package management because I had trouble downgrading it with package management and thought that if package management was going to get out of sync in one way or another, it was better off being set as incorrectly being the shipped version of gunzip. 

Hmm... I'm assuming some of that was rambling gibberish. It's pretty late over here and my language skills aren't at there best :P

Anyway, You may as well wait until bitbake is complete. The gzip error is only on some compressed files so you could be fine reinstalling the shipped version back over top, but you may find the need to downgrade again. What does Synaptic currently say about gzip? And when you selectfile-roller and ubuntu-desktop for reinstall, does it say gzip need to be upgraded? If not, then reinstall them, nothing to worry about.

I'm guessing file-roller is just a front-end to gzip. And I think ubuntu-desktop is just... umm... links so that you can click in one place and install a whole ubuntu-desktop system, which might be useful if you've currently got kubuntu or the netbook-remix. I could be wrong on both counts though, but if I'm right they're not too important at all.

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So I uninstalled the gzip package and installed the older version 1.3.12-3.2,
and the bitbake process is continuing!

My only concern is that when I uninstalled the newer gzip package with
Synaptic, it said that file-roller and ubuntu-desktop must be removed as
well, so i did that figuring i had nothing to lose. after checking synaptic,
it does look like they are uninstalled.

is this a problem? should i reinstall them? should i wait untill all bitbake
tasks are complete?


Bodey Baker wrote:
> You're running the new ubuntu aren't you (10.4)? There is a bug in gunzip.
> Delete it and downgrade.
> I manually deleted the gunzip binary and downloaded the gunzip package
> from
> dapper or hardy (6.06/8.04) using this server:
> Then installed those. It looks like it's a known issue with 10.4, well at
> least there are some bug reports where expat is used as the example tgz
> file
> that can't be uncompressed. I couldn't find an alternative download, and
> the
> downgrade is still gzip 1.3.12 (the same version as used in 10.4). I don't
> really know the effect this has on apt-get or any future upgrades.