600MHz is considered an "overclock" by TI, by default the COMs run at 500MHz.  I told you, I got all the numbers running software on a real COM.  I just ran top/bwm-ng to get the bandwidth/cpu usage while streaming frames over wifi.

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 10:58 AM, Chris.C <chris.coulter@ntlworld.com> wrote:

I thought the clock of the FE was 600MHz? I have been looking at the H.264
encoder but where did you get the specific numbers of the ~150KB/s and peak
at 500KB/s for the 640x480 and the ~50KB/s and the peak value? Was this from
a datasheet or just you running code that you already have? And how exactly
does it translate into 10%? Do you have any calculations?

Sorry to be a pain, like I said Digital Signal Processing isn't my strong

Steven-132 wrote:
> I got my numbers using mjpeg-streamer for non-dsp and a gstreamer-ti
> pipeline streaming over UDP for dsp.  The mjpeg stream was using 200KB/s
> (1.6Mbits) for 320x240 @ 30fps , 640x480 @ 30fps h264 uses average
> ~150KB/s
> but peaks at around 500KB/s, 320x240 h264 uses average ~50KB/s and peaks
> around 100-150KB/s (and only 10% of CPU).

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