Sorry, I managed to find the answer regarding the busybox configuration on the wiki. I don't know why I failed to find that entry before.

I suppose the first question still stands, though.

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 4:45 PM, Joseph Hickman <> wrote:
I have a question regarding configuring a rootfs image.

I've been working off the minimal image Scott Ellis has provided elsewhere. However, there are features removed from the full console image that I would like to add back in, and I'm not sure about the proper and clean way to do that. For one example, I would like to add the ntpd daemon back into the build. The full omap3-console-image does this by adding ntp and ntpdate to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable (indirectly, through another variable) in the .bb file. So with the minimal image, I should do the same?

Also, I seem to be noticing differences in some of the tools between these images. For example, ps in the console image looks to be the full implementation versus the minimal image using busybox 1.13.2. I notice recipes/busybox/busybox-1.13.2 in the oe source, but I'm a little unclear on how to make the defconfig contained therein. Any tips?