It really depends on what language you have to use.
Can you use anything? Or are you restricted?

I would use a RESTful http api and json, or perhaps json-rpc over tcp.
I would probably using Node.js or Ruby or Python to write it to.

If I had to use C I would write the network stuff in something else, have it write to a file, and have C read in the file.
If I had the option of C++ or Java I would use an http library and JSON.

That said libjingle is the Google XMPP library for GChat, and a few other things.

AJ ONeal

On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 12:21 PM, dtran11 <> wrote:

Has anyone used any XMPP libraries for linux? I want to control a robot
remotely through the internet. If you know of a better way to control and
get status from a robot over the internet please post here.

Thanks in advance.
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