Good Morning All,

I have a very nice build for my Overo Air that I would like to now run inside the qemu emulator.

I cannot find any clear instructions on getting this platform working under qemu, only Verdex and Connex.  I've tried to extrapolate based on these instructions, but have only gone as far as receiving a blank, unresponsive screen in qemu.  I've seen a similar post, without response, but also a claim that overo works fine within qemu (as I suspect it should), but I cannot find my way through the various techniques to determine what I really need to do.

Do I need to rebuild the image for a different (qemu) target, instead of the overo?  (I saw a reference to MACHINE=qemuarm at some point)

Do I build a flash image, a la the Verdex instructions?

Can I simply use the kernel (uImage.bin), rootfs (Angstrom...rootfs.tar.bz2) and u-boot.bin in some set of parameters directly into qemu (or qemu-system-arm) ?

My build consists of the omap3-console-image, but customized with some additional packages.  Also, the build assumes a Tobi-Duo module, so any hints on the correct -nic settings would be appreciated.

It seems that there are many approaches to qemu, and any success stories or pointers to the correct way forward would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,