Does anyone know why the backlight enable has changed between the Palo R2391 and R2750 PCB? Using the R2750 on shutdown the LCD backlight is not turning off
I have noticed that the IO has changed in the way the 3V_DISPLAY_EN enable pin for the LED regulator and LCD display has been changed between these 2 PCB's
On the R2391 the EN pin 4 of U11 is tied to the 1.8v SYS_EN.
Display _EN is level shifted to 3.3V from GPIO144.
On the Pallo 43 R2750
EN pin 4 of U11 And X2 pin 31 is connected to 3V_Display_EN and is Level shifted to 3.3V From GPIO144.
We have been using Palo board R2391 without an issue and now using Palo43 R2750 it has been noticed that after shutdown the back light is not shutting off and a screen trace is still shown on the LCD that slowly fades.
Is this because a code change is Now required to set GPIO144 low on shut down?
we are currently using kernal version 2.6.29 will this be addressed by 2.6.32?
Thanks Rob