Hey everyone.  We have a Gumstix Overo (water and earth) boards.  The current image we are using is: 4/26/2010 (/feeds/omap3/glibc/images/overo/201004261157) - hope that helps.  We can't use the latest because the image causes video underflow problems when we try and rotate our screen.  The kernel we are running (uname -a) is:  Linux overo 2.6.33 #1 Tue Apr 27 08:35:38 PDT 2010 armv7l GNU/Linux

We have a Spectrophotometer that connects via USB2.0 to the Overo board.  The Spectro also has an external power supply (which we take care of supplying).  The problem that we have is that there are two use cases:
  1. Start with gumstix off.  Plug in Spectro to power and USB2.0 when Gumstix.  Turn on Gumstix and load software.
  2. Start with gumstix ON, let it boot all the way up.  THEN plug in USB2.0 and power.
#2 works just fine (spectro boots up / turns on upon plug-in; shows up in lsusb and we can connect to it just fine) but #1 does not work.  If we issue an "lsusb" there is no device that shows up on the bus.  No dmesg output, nothing.  As if the device is not connected.  Also the device does not turn on (implying it does not recognize being plugged in).  We have to unplug the device and re-plug it in to have it show up on the bus and with "lsusb".  It feels as if the device is not being initialized or something.

We can't figure out what is causing this problem.  Our overo board is in a stand-alone device that must be able to power on with the Spectro already being connected to the system.

Do you guys have any suggestions on where to look or how to proceed?