Your most recent question is borderline off topic for this mailing list as it is more of a Qt Embedded question than a Gumstix question, but look into setting QWS_SIZE and QWS_DISPLAY environment variables. You need to tell Qt the dimensions of the screen so it can determine how to draw the fonts.


For the 5.7” display on our custom expansion board I used the following values,  you will need to adjust them for the LCD you are using:


export QWS_DISPLAY=”LinuxFb:mmWidth120:mmHeight90”

export QWS_SIZE=640x480



From: Sriram Sundararajan []
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2012 2:43 PM
Subject: [Gumstix-users] FATAL: Module omaplfb not found


While booting up the chestnut43, I'm seeing these error messages.
Starting PVR
Error: missing filename.
FATAL: Module omaplfb not found.
FATAL: Module bufferclass_ti not found.

Thanks to Andreas, I can see the qtdemo app on the lcd screen. However, the fonts are too small and are unreadable. Does it have anything to do with the above error messages? Any idea what those mean? I am using oe-core. and meta-ti along with meta-gumstix. I am masking out the recipes under meta-ti/recipes-misc.