On Jun 26, 2006, at 9:20 AM, Demetris Zavorotnichenko wrote:

Doe anyone know any projects that aim on pattern recognition?
I need to trace Corners, Sides, lines on an image .
For example i have a JPEG of a white square on a black background with one side a bit torn off, and some blue lines on the square. I need to check if the square is torn off on any side and if the lines are continues and not broken and follow the horizontal direction and not Vertical.
Does anyone know any project or software that can do that using Gumstix?

I don't know about libraries to do that, but try searching freshmeat.net -- also, JPG might not be the best for this sort of application, since the compression artifacts might well introduce fake "edges" into image-detection systems (since the artifacts will have hard vertical and horizontal lines).