I think there may be more to it.  I connected a servo and am looking on the pwm1 pin (PWM1_1_MOTOR on motor header) and don’t see any pulses or movement of servo.  v_batt is @ 5.5 on that same header.




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Oops. I forget to make a note that you need to have an RC servo connected on PWM1. Just added.


The python library is a work in progress so if you find any glaring omissions I'll do my best to remedy. Having said that, it is an open-source project so feel free to contribute.





On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 9:55 AM, mpettit <mpettit@ara.com> wrote:

i am trying out the python library samples.

I don't get any output from the servo.py script?  any suggestions?
the program gives no errors.

i see file run.log get created

root@overo:~/python# cat run.log
[0.168337] REQUEST: roboveroConfig
[0.169955] REQUEST: initMatch 0 4E20
[0.174075] REQUEST: initMatch 1 5DC
[0.174776] REQUEST: PWM_ChannelCmd 40018000 1 1
[0.175295] REQUEST: PWM_ResetCounter 40018000
[0.175784] REQUEST: PWM_CounterCmd 40018000 1
[0.176211] REQUEST: PWM_Cmd 40018000 1
[6.854190] REQUEST: PWM_MatchUpdate 40018000 1 4E2 0
[9.940017] REQUEST: PWM_MatchUpdate 40018000 1 4FD 0
[12.502613] REQUEST: PWM_MatchUpdate 40018000 1 5DC 0
[15.604218] REQUEST: PWM_MatchUpdate 40018000 1 6BA 0
[17.822876] REQUEST: PWM_MatchUpdate 40018000 1 6D6 0
[20.315037] REQUEST: PWM_MatchUpdate 40018000 1 4E2 0
[23.441972] REQUEST: resetConfig
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