On Apr 7, 2006, at 3:00 PM, Warren Loomis wrote:

The files arrive as <name>.tar.tar, rather than the expected <name>.tar.bz2. Will make deal with this difference?

No it won't deal with renamed files -- why are you renaming the files though?

Is there any way to figure out in advance what the list of tarballs will be, so I do not have to get them one at a time?

Not really -- the file list is dynamic and depends on what modules you're trying to build.  You can download everything from the site, but that's probably more than you'd need.  Best if generally to just let the buildroot fetch everything for you.  By the way, if connections to a particular site fails for some reason for a package, the buildroot is supposed to "fall back" to files.gumstix.com -- if it's not doing that for you, there's a bug somewhere.

Do I simply put the tarballs in ./dl, and then do a make?


If I want to start again from scratch, using the tarballs that I assume stay in dl, what do I do to clean things up?

What I do is actually set up a directory (in my case I use /usr/share/sources) which I then symlink as buildroot/dl -- then I can share the same directory of tarballs across multiple buildroot checkouts, and not have to worry about accidentally deleting the tarballs and then having to re-download them all.

 Sorry about all the questions. Is there a place I can go to find out about this stuff, so I do not have to bother you?

np.  Some of this stuff is documented on the wiki; there are some holes and that's what this list is for.  If you wish to, after you've figured stuff out, feel free to update the wiki in any way which might help other people not have to re-ask the same Qs.