Well, I've got to the point where I need to download the TI PSP kernel for my Overo Earth so that I can try the TI DVSDK demos. However, when I do the "bitbake linux-omap-psp" it seems to get to the first FETCH and then hangs. I let it go last night for 12 hours and its at the same place it was when I left it. Is there a way to find out what is causing the fetch to choke? Is anyone else able to bitbake this?

Thanks again!

NOTE: Psyco JIT Compiler (http://psyco.sf.net) not available. Install it to increase performance.
NOTE: Handling BitBake files: - (7193/7193) [100 %]
NOTE: Parsing finished. 6476 cached, 412 parsed, 305 skipped, 2 masked.

Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION        = "1.8.18"
METADATA_REVISION = "dab0c2b5c41a3258eb545b8a7264fade133da049"
TARGET_ARCH       = "arm"
TARGET_OS         = "linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE           = "overo"
DISTRO            = "angstrom"
DISTRO_VERSION    = "2010.7-test-20101112"
TARGET_FPU        = "hard"

NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies
NOTE: Preparing runqueue
ERROR: Multiple .bb files are due to be built which each provide virtual/kernel (/home/tcalef/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev/recipes/linux/linux-omap-psp_2.6.32.bb /home/tcalef/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev/recipes/linux/linux-omap3_2.6.34.bb).
 This usually means one provides something the other doesn't and should.
NOTE: Executing runqueue
NOTE: Running task 352 of 731 (ID: 11, /home/tcalef/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev/recipes/linux/linux-omap-psp_2.6.32.bb, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 353 of 731 (ID: 9, /home/tcalef/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev/recipes/linux/linux-omap-psp_2.6.32.bb, do_fetch)