iirc this thing: <http://hybrid.stanford.edu/index.php?section=37> has gumstix on board.  It might be robostix too.


On Aug 31, 2007, at 10:30 AM, Jean-Christophe Hu wrote:

On the side of my master in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent  Systems,
I'm planning an autonomous quadrirotor helicopter, with a gumstix as the main IA controller. 

I have used a gumstix plus FPGA before as part of a wheeled robot, but the weight constraints were not as severe so I'm not actually certain its possible. Would you have some advice on how to realise such a system?

It will need to control at least 4 brushless motors through dedied controllers,  connect to various range sensors and an inertial sensors probably trough microcontrollers, have GPS capability, and wireless connection. For the wireless I'm thinking of wifi but I am not sure it will work over 50-100m, so I maybe going for a zigbee module or radio. The gumstix itself wil probably have some video analysis plus localisation and mapping tasks on top of its autopilot role.

The constraints on weight, size and power consumption are serious, since it will have to fit on the helicopter and I'm aiming for a whole system mass of less than 1kg incuding the batteries, for 15min flight time. The motors and structure alone take around  4 to 500g... 

PS: Where can I find the weight specs for the gumstix and extension boards?

Thank you for your help,
Jean-Christophe Hu

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