Ok when I try to access the gpio proc it isn’t there. So I am thinking I need to have it installed.  How do I go about doing this?


I created the build environment on my dev machine as per instructions.

Created the omap-console-image

Create the GPIO Event driver my Dave

Flashed the NAND with the new image

Unit boots perfectly

Installed the GPIO event driver – no errors


Installed php-cgi and cron, all good.


Went to start poking around the proc to see where some of the states are of the gpio’s


Via:   cat /proc/gpio/GPIO12

This is what I get…   “cat: /proc/gpio/GPIO12: No such file or directory”


When I do:

root@overo:~# modprobe proc-gpio

FATAL: Module proc_gpio not found.


So I am guessing that it is not installed.  How do I go about doing this.