As far as I know, it is not used at all.

I'm using an unmodified PALO43 board in my prototype and needed SCL3/SDL3 in the 40 pin connector as GPIO, so I modified u-boot to configure those as M4 (standard GPIO) instead of M0 (I2C3) and also modified the kernel to not enable the third I2C bus (board-overo.c somewhere in the kernel source tree). I haven't noticed any malfunction.


P.S: Since I didn't disconnect the AT24CA, I cared to design my application so that GPIO toggling is not accidentally equal to the proper I2C protocol sequence that addresses the EEPROM.

2009/9/17 McCrossan Shane <>


I am making a modified PALO43 board. I was wondering if anyone would know is the AT24CA EEPROM necessary on the board. And if so. What would be stored on it. Would appreciate any help you can give me at all.



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