I have the connex 200xm motherboard with the Tweener, wifi, and gps expansion boards. My team is needing to transimit our data from the gumstix through a zigbee antenna (see below). I was wondering what was the best way to do this. We do not need the gps expansion and was wondering if we could get a 92-pin connector that we could connect our antenna modulator to?
Please Help


I don't have a schematic yet, but the following are the minimum connections I would need:

1. signal ground
2. asynchronous data to transceiver (to be sent)
3. asynchronous data from transceiver (possible handshaking after transmission)

The other two connections have to do with power and should come from a separate source...but I would like to see if the gumstix could provide 3 to 3.5 V (DC) power to the zigbee (ideally with plus or minus 50 mV ripple). 

If we pushed for greater versatility, there are a total of 10 connections that could be made with the gumstix.

Let me know what else you need--
Adam Fowles