Hi Cesar,

I am not an expert programmer on gumstix, and I am sure some other people would give you more useful information; however, this might be a quick answer for your question.

1) How many expansion boards can be added on to the gumstix?

The gumstix platform I have (connex 400xm bt) has two connectors (expansion slots), one is 60-pin and the other is 92-pin. The basix platform has one 60-pin connector. You can compare gumstix by using the following web page:

I have used the 60-pin connector to get it connected to I/O board, and 92-pin connector for ethernet expansion board (It works great).

2) What do I need to get in order to program the gumstix?

Get a gumstix platform with along an I/O board, USB cable or null modem cable, and also an ethernet expansion board since you are talking about some web streaming stuff.

Check out build root from gumstix SVN and compile it. build-root provides you with necessary cross compilers. You then write your codes on your linux box and transfer them to the gumstix.

Get connected to your gumstix console by using  null modem cable or usb cable .

3) Can a USB webcam be added to the gumstix?

Gumstix has USB support. I have tried anything like webcam, however, I believe it could be possible. You may need to install some extra software for your webcam.

4) Will be able to send a live feed from the Webcam into a website?

You can run a web server on your gumstix, and I guess you can do this as long as you are able to get your webcam working on gumstix.

5) Where will be the best place to learn how to program the gumstix?

The following are the best places. Try to navigate them.

General community web page:

Old documentation pages:

New documentation wep page:

I hope these would help at least a little.


I am doing a Senior Project at Florida International University and my
project relies heavily on the gumstix so I need to learn everything about
it. Your help would be really appreciate it! THANKS!

Cesar E. Perez

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