Hi Tisham

You are planning to get a few expansion boards for the verdex fabricated and state "If I am not wrong the board designs are open - http://pubs.gumstix.com/boards/"

= yes, the designs of the Gumstix expansion board are open and available without cost at pubs.gumstix.com.

"I am trying to locate the netpro-vx design"

= Look for the title of netpro, here:

= http://pubs.gumstix.com/boards/NETPRO/
"The netpro-cf seems quite recent"

= The schematic of the netpro-CF board is NOT fully debugged nor production ready. Any design comments would be welcome.
"Is netpro-CF compatible with verdex COM ?"

= The netpro-CF board is compatible with the Verdex Pro series.

= The netCF-vx board is compatible with the Verdex (not Pro) series, which is now EOL.

= Don
= @ Gumstix