Hi Max

As per the EOL notice that Gumstix has posted here:


which says:

As of November 2009, Gumstix is phasing out the 4.3" Samsung touch screen in favor of the lower cost 4.3" LG touch screen

These two screens are compatible and both work with the 4.3" LCD-ready expansion boards of the Overo series, such as Chestnut43 and Palo43.

Note: LCD technology is evolving rapidly. Product and software developers should plan their end product designs appropriately to accommodate potential change in LCD functions".

@ Gumstix

On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 10:18 AM, Max Schwarz <Max@x-quadraht.de> wrote:

does anybody know if there are differences between the two 4.3" LCD panels sold by gumstix (besides the price)?


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