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The change in the location of the 27-pin connector on the top of each Overo COM, which we call J5, was documented in the hardware area of Gumstix.net, in the "product change notices". Look for PCN2009-5.

This change was made for RF shielding and not for any performance reason.

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PCN2009-5: Position of the 27 pin connector (J5) and the two antenna jacks on each Overo computer-on-module.

Notice Date: September 2009

Effective Date: September 2009

In version R2277 or later, the 27 pin J5 connector on the top of each Overo COM is located in a middle position next to the OMAP processor and the pair of antenna jacks are also shifted slightly.

Customers planning to base their OEM product on any Overo COM should specify their design based on the layout of version R2277 or later, shown here in Pubs.gumstix.com.


On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 1:39 PM, Clyde Hinkle <ch2aes@gmail.com> wrote:
There are three mechanical drawings for the Overo COM boards here:
On my recent order of Overo Water COMs, I received ones that matched the R2173 mechanical drawing.
Does anyone know if or when Overo Water COMs will be shipped with mechanical dimensions per the R2277 drawing?
And does anyone know if there's any performance issues with R2173 revision that were fixed with the R2277 revision?
Since J5 moved, I'm wondering if specifically there was any problems with that interface.
C W Hinkle
Ascendant Engineering Solutions
Austin, TX 

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