Hi Frank

Thanks for picking this up and asking for clarification. These pins are going to be used for a touch-screen interrupt, wakeup, and a GPS pulse per second.

ie Gumstix has chosen to label these pins as shown at gumstix.net.

@ Gumstix

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 2:02 PM, Frank Agius <ftagius@yahoo.com> wrote:
Don Anderson wrote:
> Hi Frank
> Thanks for picking this up.
> Both charts @ gumstix.net <http://gumstix.net> now show the same signal
> name: GPIO0_wakeup.
> i.e. GPIO followed by the digit zero followed by underscore then wakeup.
> Don
> @ Gumstix
> ====================


The OMAP35x Applications Processor reference manual lists the alternate
function for gpio_0 as sys_nirq, so shouldn't pin 13 of the Summit
header be labeled "GPIO0_NIRQ" and not "GPIO0_WAKEUP"?  Also, from the
reference manual, the alternate function for gpio_114 is csi2_dx1, so
pin 4 of the summit header should be "GPIO114_CSI2_DX1", not
GPIO114_SPI1_NIRQ".  The labels for GPIO127_TS_IRQ and GPIO128_GPS_PPS
don't look right either.


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