Overo Earth is the first motherboard in a multi-motherboard Overo product line. Yes, Bluetooth is a feature that is being developed for future Overo motherboards. No release date announced at this time.

A line of Overo expansion boards with a variety of functions is also being developed at Gumstix. The Summit expansion board is available now for use with Overo.


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:29 PM, Luis E. Garcia <> wrote:
Will you have a Overo board with BlueTooth??


On Oct 29, 2008, at 4:39 PM, Don Anderson wrote:

Hi Robert

Here at Gumstix, we strive to support design engineers throughout the life cycles of their products.  We recently introduced some product line changes which apparently have been causing some confusion so I hope I can clarify these changes.

First and most importantly, Gumstix needed to address the expected end-of-life of the Marvell PXA255 in 2009 (basix and connex).  Our new *Verdex Pro* product line is based on the PXA270 processor. Gumstix Engineers included the best of the basix, connex and verdex products in the verdex pro with as much backward compatibility as we could reasonably attain. In doing this verdex pro product line, we also eliminated use of the 120-pin connector which has been discontinued by Molex.

Second, Gumstix created a product category at called *Phasing Out* to let designers be aware in advance of these product changes to basix, connex and verdex.

These products being phased out are NOT end-of-life. As of January, 2009, basix, connex and verdex (not verdex pro) products will not be available for web-based purchasing in quantity 1. Most of these products will remain available for volume purchasing via

Third, Gumstix is introducing Overo, a really exciting new generation of products based on Texas Instruments OMAP 35x applications processors. The Overo products address a few of the biggest complaints against our products: including mechanical stability, USB high speed, and floating point in hardware. Overo Earth, the first motherboard in the line, is now available at

If you have designed a product that requires anything that we have not foreseen or if want to discuss this further, please let us know.

I hope this note clarifies our changes and demonstrates where Gumstix is going to support your product plans.

@ Gumstix


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