Hey Craig,

Just curious, are most of these guys using gumstix SBCs on their phone projects?  And are all projects distinct?


On 5/2/07, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
On May 2, 2007, at 6:15 AM, Jeff Sadowski wrote:

> OK so it is the sim card that controls what network you can connect
> to?

Yes, sort of.  When a GSM device connects to a network, it sends its
IMEI (which is unique per radio) and SIM information to the network.
Carriers typically only bother checking the SIM info, but in theory
they could check the IMEI too and block you if your device isn't
"registered".  I don't know of anyone that actually does that, but in
many cases, the operators terms of service say you're not supposed to
connect un-authorized devices to the network.  Some would say that
any such restriction might be illegal since the 1968 Carterphone
ruling by the FCC.  The carriers are probably not amongst that group
though, and it should be remembered that they have more money than
you do.


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