On 3/8/07, Rohit Chaudhri <rohit.chaudhri@gmail.com> wrote:
On 3/8/07, Alex <kb1fyr@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well now I'm having this problem as well. Any works, my_ap does not. I have
> no idea what could have changed since it was last working.

I have seen a similar problem. In my case, things started working fine
when I connected the external antenna to the wifistix.

My antenna is firmly attached. I can connect to the ap when I use "essid any" or if I use "ap <mac address>".

I noticed a few more oddities, too... 'Protocol' shows up as MRVL-CF8385 and the rts and frag thresholds are ridiculous values (2347B and 2346B).

I have changed one thing, but I highly doubt it's causing my problems. I knocked R2 off with my screwdriver while mounting the board (whoops!), so I looked at the schematic to see what value it was so I could replace it. There was no R2 in the schematic, so I looked at the layout: http://alex.kc0udt.com/stuff/wifistix_pcb.png

Lo and behold, it's just a jumper, so I soldered on a rectangle of thin copper sheet to bridge the pins. As I said, I highly doubt this has anything to do with the problem (as several others have experienced it as well), but I figured it was worth noting.