Alright, I found out that the particular etherstix I was using was faulty, so I switched to a different one.  The LED is blinking, which is good, and I can ping the server.  But tftp still won't work.  It's asking me for a "gatewayip" environment variable.  When I set it to (out actual gateway), it doesn't work.   This is annoying, since I'm dealing with a static network and it shouldn't need a gateway address.  What could be screwing this up?
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Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 14:00
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] TFTP'ing in U-boot

On Mar 24, 2006, at 10:41 AM, J.P. Norair wrote:

I've used tftp in u-boot with other embedded platforms fairly easily, but it's not working with the gumstix.
I am using a static ip as follows:
It seems like the problem is that the Etherstix is simply not working.  The SMC-91111 seems to be recognized in u-boot, but it can't establish itself on the network.  pinging yields nothing, from either side.  Before anyone is tempted to assume: yes, I am plugged into a hub (using a straight cable).
Any light anyone could shed on this problem would be much appreciated.

What are the LEDs doing on the etherstix?  One LED is programmed to show 10/100 status (will be lit solidly when connected to a 10/100 or 100 hub) and the other is programmed to blink on Tx/Rx, so it should blink when you try to ping.

Also, can you run tcpdump on that network segment, and see if you're seeing any packets from the gumstix (like the ICMP echo requests)?