On the current Hirose 60-pin connector listing there are some pinouts outlined for different versions of the board.  I just purchased a bunch of connex 400xm's and wanted to know what version of the pinout would be used on that.  Also, noted before the latest pinout is the fact that it's a work-in-progress.
I ask because I need to reroute the HWUART Rx and Tx to GPIOs 42 and 43 respectively in order to have it work in harmony with the Etherstix (both of which currently use GPIO49).  The latest pinout appears to bring GPIOs 42 and 43 out through the 60-pin Hirose connector.
If GPIOs 42 and 43 are brought out through the 60-pin header, I then need to know if those pins are brought out (and to where) on the breakout-gs board, which we are using to access Serial ports and other general purpose I/O.
Thanks for your help!