Try the CMU cam. It has some good built in features and pre-processing ability. You can connect it to the Gumstix via Serial or I2C.


From: [] On Behalf Of Andrew Hyslop
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 2:22 PM
Subject: [Gumstix-users] interfacing a camera with gumstix




We're trying to get a camera interfaced with our gumstix computer to record snapshots 640x480 (min resolution required) at at least 15 frames per sec. As far as we can tell there are three main options:


1. Network camera - we have a panasonic BL-C1A. but we can't work out how to access its motion jpeg stream from linux, let alone the gumstix. We can get the camera to actively ftp snapshots to a computer via ethernet cable but the camera seems only able to send up to 8 frames per sec with this ftp method. We haven't yet tried this in linux but assume it wouldn't be too difficult, but anyway it's too slow for our needs. In windows you can use the camera-manufacturer software to get snapshots (directly from the motion jpeg stream) at 30 fps. We are happy to buy a different or more expensive model if someone knows it works with gumstix.


2. USB camera - we have a Creative Live! Voice. we assume it will work in linux under the driver spca5xx and in gumstix under the driver spca5xx-lite edition. We haven't yet tried. But the problem with gumstix is that it doesn't provide power to USB devices as I understand. Does anyone know if gumstix has any expansion capability to power a USB device? Or has anyone interfaced a webcam with gumstix successfully before? If so which cam and how?


3. Firewire camera - many such cameras are well supported under linux as I understand. Does gumstix have any expansion capability to access firewire cameras?


If anyone at all has interfaced a camera with gumstix before can you please tell me how you did it and which model camera you used? Or if gumstix cannot meet our requirements then can you recommend an alternative small computer that will?


Many thanks