I am a newbie.  I have spent a lot of time getting the development system up and running.


I have built the  gumstix-basic-image successfully.

I have built the helloworld application succesfully and transferred it and it runs.


My application involves capturing video from a UVC camera using the V4L drivers and displaying the images on the Samsung LCD panel.


The big questions I have are...


1)  Is the gumstix-basic-image the OpenEmbedded API and the gumstix-kernel is the underlying O/S kernel?

1a)  Do I need to enable the V4L drivers in the kernel configuration, rebuild the kernel, transfer the kernel, and install the V4L drivers using ipkg?

2)  Once I've established the kernel and the basic-image & filesystem can I just shoot over my application package, install it and test it?

3)  Should I develop the bulk of my application on the development system before attempting to troubleshoot it on the target?