Hi all,

I'm trying to use a bluetooth keyboard with the XM-4 BT (custom basic image 307 revision) but I got that message:
root@gumstix-custom-verdex:/$ hidd --search
Searching ...
        Connecting to device 00:0D:3C:40:56:67
Can't get device information: Invalid exchange

After the hidd has found the keyboard, it beeps telling me to enter the PIN (that I changed inside hcid.conf to "00000"), type it in the keyboard and then press enter. The keyboard "beeps" again telling me that the code has been entered but after that nothing appens.

If I press enter again I got the "Can't get device information: Invalid exchange" error. If I wait I got a timeout one.

Same thing with hcitool. The scan tells me that it found the kyboard and his MAC address. But everything else fails.

hcitool info 00:0D:3C:40:56:67

makes the keyboard beep asking for PIN (it shouldn't!), but If I enter it I got the same behaviour before.

The keyboard works as I use it with other linux systems and it very easy to use: hidd --search, enter same pin in both keyboard and linux and it's paired.

Can someone help me in that? Is there something to change in some configuration file?