I have been trying to my gumstix overo image to run on qemu-system-arm.  


I built a micro sd card image and loaded a FAT 16 image with the boot info, and the untarred the rootfs to an ext2 partition.


I tried pointing the qemu-system-arm to this image – but basically nothing happens except the vnc server runs.  If I try to look at the vnc server its just a blank screen.  What do I need to do to get this image to run on the qemu?  


Below is the command line I used to run qemu.  


qemu-system-arm –kernel uImage-overo.bin –sd mmc.img –m 256 –cpu cortex-a8 –vga std

Also the make instructions for creating the mmc image didn’t say to make the boot partition of the mmc bootable.  Do I need to do this?