I am not able to get the /dev/ttyS1 port on the Console VX to work.

This is the BTUART according to http://docswiki.gumstix.com/Console-vx#Logic_Level_Serial


I am using the sertest sample program and a simple Window app I wrote to read/write to/from the serial ports.

/dev/ttyS2 (STUART) works fine with these test programs.


I have also been successful testing /tty/USB0 when I plug in my USB serial adapter to the Gumstix.


What am I missing to get /dev/ttyS1 (BTUART) to work?


I noticed on reboots that Blue tooth attempts to start-up, but fails since I don’t have BT.

Is this conflicting with the BTUART?

Do I need to reconfig the kernel to remove BT?