I added HCIATTACH_START_SPEED=115200 to /etc/init.d/S30bluetooth and restart the service.. still the same situation..

Something i noticed though, the service complains that the chipset is "not a PBA31307". i know it is. it says so on the metal shield.  :)  can someone post their dmesg for a connex 400Mhz? specifically, the

Got: status=0x00, hci_ver=0x01, hci_rev=0x0750, lmp_ver=0x02, manuf=0x0009, lmp_subver=0x0750

line. I wonder if the chip is not ID'ing it self right.

On Dec 16, 2007 8:02 PM, Brad Midgley < bmidgley@gmail.com> wrote:
fwiw, this initializes even quicker using


Steve has been making changes in oe to support the older setups out of
the box...


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