I am new to embedded development, having only previously played around with the Arduino platform. I have an idea for a project which I don’t think a microcontroller can handle, though, so am looking for some advice on which gumstix products might let me do what I want.


The goal is to build a solar-powered (w/battery backup) IR still image surveillance system (i.e., I don’t need streaming video, just the ability to capture still images at a rate of between one a minute and a few images per minute) that I can access over an 802.11 network. One wrinkle is that I’d like to use a reasonably high resolution USB webcam, something at or above 2 megapixels.


After reading on the gumstix site, and googling, I’m still confused about which gumstix product to use. It looks to me like I want to use an Overo Air or Fire, with an add-on board to provide the USB hosting. But I’m not sure, and I’m not sure what I need to do to rebuild the kernel to support USB webcams (I’ve found directions in the wiki, but they don’t appear to be for the OpenBuild environment). I’m somewhat experienced at building Linux systems, from having built three or four servers based on LinuxFromScratch, but I’m not an expert systems programmer J.


Advice, thoughts, links would be greatly appreciated.


-          Mark

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