Regrettably I no longer have the time to play with Gumstix projects, so I am selling them to a good home on this list.  I have the following:

gumstix verdex XL6P (
consoleLCD-vx (
netCF-vx (
Samsung™ 4.3" LCD panel (
Screws & Spacers kit (
5.0 volt power adapter (
Null-modem cable (
LiPoly Chager from (
1GB Sandisk Ultra II CF card
Serial to USB adapter

I am also including a Goliath board (non-GPS) whenever they actually ship.

Please send me a private e-mail if you are interested with a reasonable price.  Once a buyer and price are determined, I will list the items in an eBay auction to protect both of us.

Thank you,

Eric Heinemann