This is what I have done except from the part of changing the SRCREV.

What I do not understand is why the line file://rc8-to-final.diff;patch=1 \
needs to be in this .bb file. Should it not only appear within linux-omap3_2.6.30.bb?

Now I would like to ask about SRCREV and how I should best use it. I realise it will control which version of the repository I will get, but are there any rules to guarantee you get a good image?

I only raise this concern as I seem to be getting random results when I build and run my image. I was running kernel 2.6.29.x, but since moving to 2.6.30 I seem to be having various issues like:

1. If I modify the kernel to include smsc911x I still need to modify /etc/modules to get ethernet to work, but when I was running 2.6.29 changing the kernel was all I had to do to get ethernet working.

2. When I boot I cannot get wireless ethernet to work.

It all started to go wrong when I did a git pull after noticing an update to qt4-embedded-gles_4.5.2.bb which was preventing me compiling qt4-embedded_4.5.2.

After I did the git pull I deleted my tmp directory and rebuilt from scratch, but I am quickly losing confidence in the source that I now have.

Did you have any problems like this when ascending the learning curve?


2009/8/12 Elvis Dowson <elvis.dowson@mac.com>
       It's easy, just copy paste the existing linux-omap3_2.6.30.bb recipe
and linux-omap3-2.6.30 folder, to your overo-oe/user.collection/
recipes/linux folder

and then edit the bb file and update the SRCREV, and remove that rc8-
to-final.patch from the list of patches in the SRC_URI_append field.

Then at the top of the bb file, make an entry DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "1"

and then type

cd overo-oe
bitbake linux-omap3-2.6.30

this will cause the v2.6.30 kernel to be built.

Keep in mind to retain some of the gumstix patches for hsmmc, madc,
etc, that are specific to the overo.

Best regards,


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