What are the basic steps to starting to make your own module with OE?

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Rich,

>  If I wanted to write to SSDR_P2 would I just assign it the value? Like this:
>  SSDR_P2 = 0xffff;

Yep - and reading is just like:

val = SSDR_P2;

You need to carefully read the datasheet for each register. Some
registers are read-only, some are write-only. Some have non-obvious
behaviors, like writing a 1 clears a bit.

You also need to be wary of read-modify-write operations, especially
outside of the ISR handler.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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