i forgot to mention i'm in madrid (spain)

the postal traffic/customs-employees rate is not equilibrated and most packages
are passed without having to pay taxes. but ups, fedex, etc make you pay 20$
each time you get a package only for handling and you have to pay 16-20%
taxes for the products+expensive shipping costs (the total you paid)

it's a very very big difference, at least 60$ on each order

2008/4/1, zyagon <zyagon@gmail.com>:
i second this too. i tried to have it shipped via USPS as it is a lot more realiable
and you don't have to pay taxes and handling fees, but they said they would only
ship via UPS.

so if you need an extra expansion board that costs 50$ you'll pay at the end

50$ expansion board
55$ shipping
20$ taxes (16-20% in europe)
20$ handling fee (brokerage)
145$ total for a 50$ board

this makes you consider it twice before you make an order

plus UPS is slower than USPS (express registered mail), less reliable, and more
expensive. and with USPS it's almost sure you won't have to pay any taxes.
i've just received a package from digikey, no taxes and it was in 4 days here.
with UPS it took for the gumstix almost two weeks to arrive. i always try to avoid them

2008/4/1, Marcus Wolschon <Marcus@wolschon.biz>:
2008/4/1, Kevyn-Alexandre <kapare@rheinmetall.ca>:

>  Hi to all,
>  Some says that Marketing is everything, so make it happen!
>  I just buy and received my order yesterday (Montreal, Canada). I'm really
> happy but really disappointed with the fact that I paid extra fees because
> OUPS (UPS). I paid 50.44$ and if my order was post with United State Postal
> Services (USPS) that will transfer to Canada Post, no fees will be added
> (only taxes).

Do you have a contract with UPS? If not, on what ground do they want
a fee from the receiver?
FedEx tried that on me once as a fee for doing the customs-declaration
for me. Not only did I no autorize them to do that but they had to pay back
the fee for me. (Had I insisted to not pay it and they refuse to hand out the
packet I would have had the opportunity to sue them coercion.)

But I agree. I made much better experiences with USPS then with UPS
and I am importing very very often. (US->Germany)


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