I have a “netwifimicroSD-EU” expansion board with VERDEX version of gumstix.


If you know this vrsion of gumstix you know that is physically impossible connect “netwifimicroSD-EU” and “Tweener” at the same time.


I have the default network configuration of Gumstix (I don’t modify anything), so the Ethernet IP address is assigned by DHCP server.


I use a Bonjour in windows and Avahi-discover in linux to know gumstix’s IP address.


Firstly only sometimes both system catch the IP address, and when I catch IP address the connection only remain only for a few seconds, the gusmtix is unreachable.


Could you tell me, why this happened?


I know the question is very general, but I spend 3 days with problem and I don’t know why this happen.

In my opinion the network configuration is OK.


Thanks for you attention.


Write back as soon as possible.






Asier Berasategui
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