Hi to every one,

I recently acquired a cfstix pack (with robostix), so I have some question/problem that remain unsolved even reading the FAQ or the related topics on the gumstix wiki...
Well every thing works well when I connect the gumstix and the tweener; I can login with "root" and the "gumstix" password. But afterward I connected the robostix with the tweener and the gumstix, as said on the FAQ I used the Jack power connector on the robostix; But there the gumstix is booting fine but does not react when I send some information trough the hyperterm... I even can't login...

well I also tested to connect the tweener + gumstix + cfstix, it works as the test with the tweener and gumstix!
So I think it comes from the robostix extension card...

Has anyone encountered the same problems? does it exist a tip to test the robostix?
What should I do?

Thank you for your answers

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