I have also gotten my Overo Air (on Palo 43) working on a WEP network at home using iwconfig, similar to what yo have below. But I have similar problems as Dave when I restart Overo. It just won't connect automatically. 
Does your's connect automatically when you start it?


On 7 Jun 2009, at 03:40, wrote:

Hi David.. I've actually had the previous problem in the past! When connecting to my WEP secured wireless network at home, I've had no problems. It was connecting to my university's open network that gave me problems! Probably because my university required visiting a authentication webpage soon after..
To connect to my home network, I would type the following commands:
iwconfig eth0 essid "My Wireless Network"
iwconfig eth0 key my-hex-key
ifdown eth0
ifup eth0
And then it would kick on. :/ Give it a try?