As many of you may be aware, all the Verdex motherboards are out of stock at this time.  I am leading a student team at the University of Maryland and Maryland Space Grant which is working on a payload for NASA's High Altitude Student Platform flight this summer.  We recently had one of our Verdex boards stop working due to a bad power converter and only have one left but can not do all but the critical testing as losing our remaining unit would probably keep our experiment from meeting the integration deadline at the very beginning of August.

If anyone has a Verdex, preferably unused and would be interested in selling, trading (we have a waysmall we no longer need or for parts from the Gumstix store), or donating a Verdex XM4 or XL6P (we can not use a bluetooth board due to frequency restrictions) let me know and we can work out the details.

Thanks in advance,
Dru Ellsberry
Program Manager - MdSGC BPP