Hello All,
I am new to gumstix, i ve got a tweener, a verdex board and a netwifimicroSD-FCC.
I ve been able to connect to gumstix via the serial connection(I connected verdex to tweener and powered tweener).
But i want to change to a wireless connection so that i can connect to gumstix via tftp/ssh/sftp.
I find this more continent than using kermit to transfer files.
The question now is how do i achieve this with what i have?
I connected netwifimicroSD to verdex, and connected power to netwifimicroSD ==> No response.
I connected power to verdex ==> No response.
Back to verdex + tweener ==> Good response!
I ve not connected power to both simultaneously because i am not sure if this is right??
I would appreciate if someone can clarify me on how to do it right before i assume that netwifimicroSD might be baad.