I guess I can assume the use of the name "console-vx" and "breakout-vx" as mistake because a www search for those terms also yields only one link:

Or it is something coming in future.

I just want to know if console-st/hw or breakout-gs are usable with verdex motherboards, before I purchase anything.

Thanks in advance.

On 4/11/07, Jayesh Salvi <jayeshsalvi@gmail.com> wrote:

I have recently got introduced to gumstix and am about to put together a gumstix development system. After going through the wiki pages and mailing list archives I figured following is what I need to get started (there could be other combinations also but I chose this one for some possible project ideas). But I got confused by some information I got. I am putting my questions below as well, please let me know.

1. gumstix verdex XL6P
2. For serial console I will need console expansion boards - I saw console-st and console-hw boards for sell. But are they compatible with verdex boards? And today I found the mention of console-vx and breakout-vx boards. But I don't see them available on the site for sell. Can someone tell me what are my options to get serial console access to verdex motherboards?
3. I saw that the console-XX expansion boards come with mini-B USB ports. But I haven't found anything from gumstix that provides regular USB ports. Did I miss something?
4. A 4 volt power supply
5. A serial cable

Is the above setup sufficient to get started?