I have just bought a netmicrosd-wifi-eu, a consoleLCD16-vx and a xm4-bt.

I had to recompile my own filesystem to get the LCD to work in RGB16 mode but since then there is issues with the touch screen.
With the original rootfs, the image was not pretty but the directfb examples worked. With the new rootfs, the image is fine but if I don't unload the tsc2003 modules before running them, they just 'freeze' ...

Another issue is with the bluetooth, it's just not detected. /etc/init.d/bluetooth start tries different baudrate and such but it always says no response from BT module.
I have read that I must be careful that there is no contact between some resistors on the netmicrosd-wifi-eu and the BT module. I insulated those with scotch and even tried without the netmicrosd-wifi-eu.
I have also read that two 0R resistors on the consoleLCD16-vx must be removed and I also removed them ... but still no luck ...