On Apr 5, 2006, at 10:58 AM, Lee Reynolds wrote:

I am trying to run a script after the system startup is fully completed.  Basically, I need to clear the route table, add some custom commands, and mount a NFS server.

The problem is, with an entry in inittab,


it runs too early in the boot cycle to complete the commands.

Also, an entry in /etc/init.d

/etc/init.d/S99route AND /etc/init.d/S99route.sh

both fail, as they run too early and the script fails.

Is there another place to put this script?


Sounds like you want to do something "when the network comes up".  To do that, add the script using an "up" line in /etc/network/interfaces -- docs are googleable for the file format using "manpage interfaces" as the query