adept_manager is a pretty good app for managing Ubuntu packages.  Best/Quickest advice...

If you don't already have adept_manager:

 sudo apt-get install adept-manager

Open that and bring your system FULLY up to date.  You're probably  better off starting from scratch just to be sure(i.e. check out gumstix-oe fully again) although I THINK, removing the gumstix-oe/tmp directory will accomplish the same thing.    Double check to make sure /bin/sh still points at bash though, not sure what brings that in but gets there somehow.   Then try bitbake -k gumstix-basic-image again.

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A few responses:

> Are you using 'bash' or 'dash' as your /bin/sh? 

tom@cuby:/$ ls -l /bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2008-04-13 04:10 /bin/sh -> bash

> Is your system a 64-bit or 32-bit?  (mine are built under 32-bit)


> Which version of gcc are you using?
> gcc --version on my system reports:  gcc (GCC) 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease)
> (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)

tom@cuby:/$ gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)

> Are you using the compiler and glibc that Ubuntu installs or are you using
> one you or someone
> else may have installed for you?

I'm using a fresh install I did myself of ubuntu 7.10 just for gumstix.
Should be no funny stuff.

> My systems are using
> glibc 2.6.1-1ubuntu10


tom@cuby:/$ sudo /lib/  | head -1
GNU C Library stable release version 2.6.1, by Roland McGrath et al.

> libc-dev 2.6.1-1ubuntu10


tom@cuby:/$ apt-cache showpkg libc-dev | tail -3
Reverse Provides:
libc6-dev 2.6.1-1ubuntu10
libc6-dev 2.6.1-1ubuntu9

> gcc  4.1.2-16ubuntu2


tom@cuby:/$ apt-cache showpkg gcc | head -3
Package: gcc

Well thanks for your reply - its useful to know that other people can use
those directions successfully. I'm not so smooth with ubuntu package
management, but it looks like we're on the same page. Are you using svn
revision 309? I did try some older svn versions, and I seem to get the same
error - but I'm not sure I completely grok bitbaking yet so I might not be
cleaning up the files right between different svn runs, etc.


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