Has anyone been succesful with porting x11vnc to the Gumstix? At the moment, I think I have tinyX running (at least the process is there, and port 6000 is being listened to for connections). I even think I have rxvt running on it (again, ps shows the process running), but I'm still at a loss to actually view my framebuffer X display.
I've managed to get x11vnc to compile (wow... over 900kb after having been stripped!) and I can run it on the Gumstix without any complaints (beyond its warning to me that I haven't set a password). However, if I try to connect to it with vncclient (tried from both a desktop Linux client, and a windows client) the connection never gets made. Viewing netstat -an on my gumstix, I also don't see any new ports open with x11vnc running (I believe it should claim port 5900).
I've tried including a required password but my results havent changed (other than no longer being warned of the security issue).
Any thoughts here?

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