I'm trying to tie a GPIO to an interrupt and though I can see the line getting set (using a logic analyzer and also /proc/gpio/GPIO29), the interrupt doesn't happen. Any ideas?
Here is the relevant code pieces for my module:
#define GPIO_INTERRUPT          29
    pxa_gpio_mode(GPIO_INTERRUPT | GPIO_IN);
    if (request_irq(IRQ_GPIO(GPIO_INTERRUPT), autc_irq, SA_SHIRQ,
        "AES", (void *)FPS_TYPE)) {
        /* if we reach this point, the ISR could not be installed */
        err("ISR cannot be installed :(");
        return -1;
    // do something that will cause GPIO29 to rise
I can see the GPIO is set as an input, and currently set, using proc_gpio. My trivial ISR performs a printk() so I'll know if it's been hit, but it never shows up in my system log. "cat /proc/interrupts" also shows 0 as the run count for this interrupt:
   52:          0   AES
I haven't done anything to explicitly disable the interrupt vector (and I haven't done anything to explicitly enable it either).

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