this time i am succesfull with modprobe usbnet. so i assume that is set up

as of now i still cant find the adapter entry of usb0 once  i enter ifconfig in gumstix?


On 1/4/08, Tim Redfern <gumstix@eclectronics.org> wrote:

> and as such i can locate the usbnet with the lsmod command

in which case you shouldn't have to modprobe it, i think.

> the encryption says about wireless encryptions i assume and this is
> disabled

for usbnet? yes i would assume it wouldnt have an impact

> but the comand modprobe usbnet is the place where i am stuck. am i
> doing some silly mistake. is the correct method to enable usb
> communication?

on my machine, usbnet doesnt appear in the list of modules until it is
started by connecting the gumstix. connecting the gumstix loads it

but if i 'sudo modprobe usbnet' before connecting the gumstix, that will
load the module also, i can verify it by 'lsmod |grep usbnet'.

if you connect the gumstix and type 'ifconfig', do you see a network
adapter entry called 'usb0'?

or have you tried '/sbin/modprobe usbnet'? (just a guess)

you could 'find / -name modprobe' also.


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