I've always thought about buying a USB/CF flash drive during say, black friday, and then designing a board around it. Guess there's more risk in that unless you know what chip is inside the drive beforehand.

Nice find though, I remember trying to find the flash parts (samsung?) that the iPod nano used after a web site showed photos of its internals.


On 11/22/05, Andrew Plumb <aplumb@gmail.com> wrote:
Slight clarification.  That's a 4Gbit chip (512Mb x 8), not 4GByte.  Very cool though, that 1Gb x 8 is available!


On 11/21/05, Doug Sutherland < doug@proficio.ca> wrote:
Check out the price and size of this 4GB flash at digikey

Digikey Part 557-1152-1-ND
MT29F4G08BABWP IC NAND FLASH 4GB 3.3V 48-TSOP   $47.03


That flash is 12x20mm, smaller than RS-MMC (18x24mm).
They even have an 8GB version!

   -- Doug

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